Oatmeal Raisin Banana Pancake

Banana pancakes are the easiest and most delicious breakfast. You can throw anything into the mix to make it your own but lately I have been on an oatmeal raisin kick. I always buy too many bananas and buy the end of the week I have overly ripe fruit sitting in my fruit bowl. This is a great way to use up those overly ripe bananas instead of throwing them out.

image (67)


1 mashed banana

1 egg


tablespoon of oats

tablespoon raisins

tablespoon almonds


Put a pan on low heat on the oven and let it warm up. Coat the pan in some non-stick spray. Mix all the ingredients together (minus honey) and cook over low heat. The bananas can burn easily so I cook it slowly over low heat instead of at a higher temperature. When it’s easy to get a spatula underneath, flip it over and let it cook a little bit on the other side but not as long as the first side.

I top mine with honey sometimes but the banana and raisins sweeten it up already so you don’t have to top it with anything if you do not want to.

image (68)

I calculated this at around 450 calories. If you want to drop the calories in this you can remove the oats, yolk and honey from the mix. That drops it down to 300 calories. I always like to have a hearty breakfast to start my day. It gets my energy going and keeps me full throughout the morning.

Does anyone else have any ideas for banana pancake recipes? I’d love to try them!

What I Ate Wednesday 7/23/14

Hello and good morning! Today is What I Ate Wednesday. Every Wednesday I link up with Peas and Crayons to give a glimpse into my daily eats. It’s a chance for you to get ideas of what to eat as well as a chance for me to reflect on my eating habits. Not all of what I post every time is healthy and its nice for me to be able to say ok I didn’t realize I was chowing down on that many sweets that day, let’s do better next time. Lots of other bloggers are also part of the party so head on over to Peas and Crayons blog to read other posts!

For breakfast I started out with organic strawberry yogurt, granola and strawberries. I have really not been in the mood for oatmeal lately. I’ve actually been making a lot of banana egg pancakes but just happened to go for yogurt this morning instead.

image (62)

For a snack I grabbed some apples with almond butter. I actually only had a few slices. I wasn’t feeling the almond butter very much. I don’t know why.

image (63)

After that I actually had a donut. A co-worker of mine brought them in and I just couldn’t resist. Of course I forgot to take a picture but at least I’m admitting to it!A few hours later I went for a banana.Craving lots of sweets.

image (64)

For lunch I heated up some chicken and broccoli. I made a crockpot chicken sunday and have been eating off it all week.

image (65)

For dinner, I had some leftovers from mine and Chris’ date night Saturday night. I had fajitas so I just reheated the chicken and put the leftover toppings on it.

image (66)

After class I dug into some cookies that Chris’ grandma made. Those things are addicting. No more cookies!As you can see I did not do that great (donuts and cookies) and I can think of a million excuses as to why I ate them, but that’s not good enough. Yes I let myself indulge, but this was not indulging. This was me being depressed about Chris leaving and trying to make it better with food which is never the answer. I did however do a killer work out yesterday which is the RIGHT answer and I am proud of myself for that.

Family and Friends Weekend Recap

With Chris’ deployment date looming we decided to spend the whole weekend with family and friends. We went around and visited his family on Saturday and Sunday to get in as much quality time as we could. Chris even got his hair done :)

image (59)

Not only did we get to spend a lot of time with family but with our friends as well. Our good friends Cara and Mike also welcomed their new baby Stella into the world and we were so thankful we got to meet her before Chris leaves. She’s the most beautiful baby.

image (58)

Our weekend wasn’t very eventful other than that which is exactly what we wanted. Good people and good food. Here’s some of the good food we had as well :)

Tried some almond milk ice cream. Yum.

image (57)

Made a his and hers breakfast. Eggs (different ways) with a fruit, granola and almond parfait.

image (60)

Got some more ice cream with friends at the best ice cream shop around, Sunny Skies.

image (61)

We had a perfect weekend and I wish we could relive it over again.