I Love Bargains! — Nordstrom Rack!

If you know me or my mother, we are total bargain shoppers. (She even has an awesome fashion blog that highlights deals that she finds>> Check it out)

I always casually browse this site called HauteLook (<<affiliate link :) ) and connected to that site is another called Nordstrom Rack. It’s a habit of mine to go to the clearance section, select my sizes and then sort low to high.

Normally, you usually find underwear or accessories for less than $10 and that’s it, but last week I was in luck! Three awesome dresses! I got them all for about $8 each and they were all almost $100 each originally. That means I saved about $276!!! INSANE!

These are the dresses that I got. Please excuse the pillows on the ground, I was washing my sheets!

The first dress is from the juniors section but who could tell, right? It is a coral maxi with a cute embroidery on the back. It was called the Socialite Racerback Woven Maxi Dress.

image (30) image (31)

The second dress is a sweater dress that I cannot wait to wear this fall. This dress is from Max Studio and is light so I could wear it in mild or cold weather.

image (28)

The last dress I actually wore to work yesterday. It is also a max studio dress and is so comfortable.

image (29)

Unfortunately all these dresses are sold out. However, Nordstrom rack has great sales all of the time. Let me know if you all find any great bargain finds!

Weekend Recap: Wedding Dress Fitting!

This past weekend was such a whirlwind. Like I’ve said before, when we found out Chris was leaving I panicked and made sure I had every weekend packed full of  things to do so I wouldn’t have time to be upset that he was gone. That totally backfired and now I’m just itching to have a day to do nothing! Oh well, at least part of my plan is working. The time is flying by.

This past weekend started with a girl’s night on Friday. Sam and I went on a 2 mile run with the pups and then her and Kirsten and I headed to the grocery store to get some ingredients for a healthy dinner!

You’ll see what we made coming up this Wednesday but for now let’s just say we all cleaned our bowls, and the dogs got some as well :)

image (26)

We spent the rest of the night looking at old middle school yearbooks reminiscing and laughing about our awkward middle school years. We headed to bed early because the next day we had to be up and ready to go to my wedding dress fitting!

I had to get a few alterations on all my dresses (reception, rehearsal dinner, and ceremony) but it was still nice to put on that dress again. I am so in love with it and I cannot wait till next June when I can share it with you all!image (25)

After the fitting we rewarded ourselves with dinner at The Pit (yes.. again!) and then got chocolates at Videri Chocolate Factory. They were so rich, just one was good enough for me!

image (24)

I ended up going downtown that night with a bunch of friends and then spent all day Sunday catching up on homework. Let me tell you, I will be so glad when I am finished with graduate school! Working full time and going to school is no walk in the park, that’s for sure.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend, its starting to feel like fall here and I cannot wait for bonfires, sweaters and hot cocoa!

Fabletics Review #3 & #4!

Before I get to my post I just wanted to take the time out to remember all of those lives lost 13 years ago on September 11th. I can’t believe it has been that long because the memories of that day are still so clear. Never Forget.



Yes I am behind on my reviews!

If you need to catch up, here are my previous Fabletics reviews. (#1 and #2)

One of my favorite things about Fabletics is their reward system. First of all, for every friend that signs up through your link you get a $10 credit to use towards a purchase.

Second of all, they give you PLENTY of opportunities to accumulate points. For example, a friend purchasing an outfit for the first time, you’re first purchase, reviewing items, etc. All of these things help you accumulate points and when you get to 1000 points you get a free outfit (or $49.95 credit!).

Thanks to my friends, family and my readers I was able to rack up enough points for a free outfit! My third outfit is the one I got for free. (I apologize for the not so great pictures).

Outfit #3 consisted of the Twist Tee in blue, the Salar Capris in Black faded to grey, and the Fabletics headband in black.

I absolutely LOVE this outfit. It also fits great. Like always I order a size up than recommended and they always fit great. The top is fun to wear to work out or out somewhere.

   image (16)  image (15)Capture

Outfit #4 came in on Monday and I have been so excited for it to arrive. I have been wanting to add in some different colors into my workout wardrobe and have been eyeing these green capris.

This outfit consisted of he Omemee Tank in peach, the Key Tee in white, and the Lima Capris in green. The Lima Capris are my favorite in fit so far and like I said before the color is my favorite. The Key tee is also fun and another shirt that I could wear out somewhere. It is super soft. The tank top is great as well. It has a compression feel and comes with removable bra inserts so I could wear it without a bra. I’m thinking of getting both of these shirts in a new color.

image (18) image (14)image (19)

If you want your own Fabletics outfit first time members get 50% their first outfit! It’s a great service and I highly recommend it!