Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye to Chris for his second deployment was just as hard as the first. He was supposed to fly out last week and luckily his flights were messed up so we were able to spend one last weekend together. However, that weekend quickly flew by and yesterday it was time to send him off.

image (69)

Yesterday was so hard for me. The first time he was deployed we were alone and I said bye and immediately left. This time we stayed and watched him go through security, board the plane and then watched the plane take off. It was absolutely miserable. For anyone that has a partner getting deployed, treat it like a band-aid. Just do it.

Thankfully this is the last time he will ever be sent away but if it ever happened again I will never do it like that.

I can’t change yesterday though, all I can do is look ahead and that’s what I’m going to do. After going through his previous deployment I learned a lot. I became very unhealthy last time due to stress and GI issues and lost a lot of weight. I was weak and depressed the whole time. I will not do that again. This time is better for a few reasons. I now live closer to family and friends, I have work AND school, as well as a wedding to plan.

My goals while he is gone is to stay busy, eat healthy, manage my stress productively and not internalize it, and never go more than 3 days without getting some type of exercise.

I think that if I accomplish these goals I’ll be able to stay healthy for the whole time that he is gone.

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I cannot wait for him to get home and his dad says it perfectly, “the days are long but the weeks are short”. I know he’ll be back before we know it. Now it’s time to brainstorm some care package ideas :)

Weekly Workouts 7/28/14

This week I had a lot less mileage than the past two. I don’t know why this happened though. Only 6.56 miles walk/run.

I did however do the “Deck of Cards” workout twice, which you can see here. The first time was all legs and that totally wore me out. I was sore for 3 days!

Yesterday Chris and I decided to do something different and play some tennis.

image (68) image (67)


Of course we don’t play a strict game. I cross my fingers everytime hoping I can actually hit the ball. But even if you’re bad at tennis you still get a workout in :)

This next week I’m going to try and get my miles up again. Have a Happy Monday!

The Deck Of Cards Workout

So Chris actually told me about this workout. For this workout you take a deck of cards and for every suit you assign an exercise. The number on the card is how many reps you do and face cards equal 10 reps. Assign aces as something hard such as a 100 yard sprint or 10 burpees.


I have done this workout twice this week. What I like about it is that you never know what is coming next so it is easy not to get bored. Also, you can always switch up which exercises you do. My legs were too sore today from the last time I did it so for my assignments I did exercises that targeted my arms and abs instead.

This has become one of my favorite workouts and it is super tough. I still have yet to be able to complete it. Have fun and let me know if you did the workout and what exercises you assigned to the suits. Good Luck!


50 pushups

50 russian twists