Goodbye for now!

I have decided to put a hold on blogging. It was fun while it lasted but to be honest it’s just too much with everything else going on. I have one more year left of grad school and I need to focus!

Maybe I’ll start it back up some other time. Later!

What I Ate Wednesday 9/30/14

Today is SUCH a great day! Want to know why? Because my best friend (and maid of honor!) Samantha is coming into town! I cannot wait to pick her up from the airport tonight.

Her and I are both in Ashley’s wedding this weekend so I get to spend a whole 4 days with her! She lives in New Jersey so I don’t see her very much so any time I get to see her at all I really cherish.

Enough about that.. today is What I Ate Wednesday and that means I am going to post some of my “eats” from the past weekend. If you want to check out more posts like this head on over to Peas and Crayons!

Here we go!

Since it’s fall and everything I thought I’d grab these when I was at the store and jump on the pumpkin bandwagon. They weren’t as good as I was expecting though, they were kind of “peppery”.

image7 (2)

Also when I was at the store I had a big craving for deli meat. Weird right? Well I’ve totally been chowing down on some turkey wraps for lunch and I’m not tired of them yet :)

image6 (2)

So I may or may not have visited Panera 3 times last weekend. Yes it’s a problem, and no I don’t want to stop. I love you Panera turkey BLT (no mayo!).

 image5 (2)

On a wrap kick I guess. Breakfast wrap with turkey sausage, eggs ,ketchup, cheese, and spinach with a side of raspberries.image4 (3)

Our munchies at the lingerie party last weekend!

image3 (3)

Had a starbucks giftcard so I got a low-fat mango smoothie and a turkey bacon, eggwhite breakfast sandwich for lunch one day. Yum!

image2 (4)

This is what happens when I need to go to the grocery store. Plain gluten-free toast for breakfast. Not my greatest creation.image1 (4)

I’ll be sporadic this weekend with posts because of my friend’s wedding festivities so stay tuned!

Ashley’s Bachelorette Weekend Recap

This past weekend was one of my friend Ashleys’ bachelorette party and it was so much fun! Ashley is one of my best friends from college and it seriously means the world to me to be able to be a part of her wedding and this weekend was full of memories that will last a lifetime!

Ashley is very active and into fitness (we cheered in college together!) so the first activity we did on Friday night was a pole dancing class. Now I know some of you probably have your hesitations about a pole dancing class but it was seriously the opposite of what everyone thinks. It was so much fun and given that all of the boys and girls that went have a dance and cheer background, the instructor really challenged us to do lots of lifts and tricks! I was sore for 2 days after! It is such a good work out.

If you’re located in the Raleigh area check out Pole Play Fitness, the instructor was super professional, informative and might I say the only one (out of 5 places that were called) that let us have boys come. Thank you for being so open minded!

image3 (2)

After our class we headed to one of the girls house for appetizers and a lingerie party! Aren’t the decorations cute? The maid of honor, Sarah, did such a great job.

image1 (3) image2 (3)

The next day we sent Ashley off for a “Princess for a day” spa package and we all met back up later for dinner.image5 (1)

We headed to the melting pot where we GRUBBED out. The melting pot is one of my favorite places and like always, it did not dissapoint.

image6 (1)

image7 (1)

image8 (1)

Last but not least, dessert!


After dinner we headed out for a night on the town to finish off the bachelorette festivities! image10

The bachelorette party was a success and a perfect way to celebrate the last weekend of Ashley’s “single” life! Her wedding is this weekend and I cannot wait to stand next to her as she marries her soul mate!